Low Level Laser Therapy

For horses, humans and caninesLow Level Laser Therapy or LLLT, is a drug free, non-invasive treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. This is achieved through controlled application of specific wavelengths of light which have specific physiological effects.

LLLT is a medically proven, highly effective complementary treatment for acute soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, respiratory problems and slow healing wounds. There is also strong evidence to suggest that LLLT can assist with muscle recuperation after strenuous exercise, such as racing, eventing and show jumping.

Stef delivers LLLT using technology developed by Omega Laser Systems.




Stef uses smaller, more penetrative pulses of light to treat open wounds, dermatological issues, respiratory issues, tendons, ligaments, and acute joint or muscle problems. Longer wavelengths at less intensity deliver assistance to larger muscles for a restorative effect.









The probe is held just above the skin and the light is pointed to the site of injury for a specified period of time. Stef will repeat the process a number of times.

The benefits of LLLT are well documented, with more than 1000 studies in print. Animals, both large and small, respond particularly well to treatment.


LLLT can help to improve –

  • Arthritis-induced lameness and stiffness
  • Soft tissue injuries; wounds; scar tissue
  • Acute and chronic joint, ligament and tendon injuries; minor fracture that are not misaligned.
  • Pulled and strained muscles; post event recovery.
  • Dermatological issues; some respiratory issues.