Rider Analysis

Using the same software as the Gait Analysis, you too can have your position and balance assessed on your horse. This system could be used –

  • As part of your general riding progression, in conjunction with your instructor.
  • To check how you are balanced following an accident as part of your rehabilitation
  • To prepare for and progress through the competition season
  • To check how well you, your saddle and your horse are balanced together – used in conjunction with Gait Analysis of the horse.
The level 1 package is designed to highlight how balanced you are with your horse at that moment, without the presence of an instructor. A further level 2 package is currently under development where you and your horse will work with an instructor to make specific improvements during the Rider Analysis session.The process involves –
  • A case history of you and your horse, together with your aspirations.
  • Markers being placed on specific “bony landmarks” of both you and your horse. (Markers may also be placed on the saddle)
  • Photographs of you with the markers on – to make a general assessment for any obvious imbalances.
  • High speed filming of you and your horse in walk, trot and canter on both reins, including transitions. This filming work is done from both inside and outside the circle.
  • High speed filming of you and your horse walking and trotting away from and towards the camera in a straight line.
  • The rider will view the videos and receive a summary assesment on the day.
  • This will be followed up, within 3 to 4 working days, with a set of high speed videos and a written report.