Welcome To Your4Legs, where Stef provides therapies for you and your animals, including Equine Sports Massage, with additional supporting tools of Deep Oscillation(R) Massage, Low Level Laser Therapy,  Equine Gait Analysis and Rider Analysis. These services are available in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Warwickshire.



Price List:

All prices below are based on a 35 miles radius from Stef’s home base in Newark. Additional fuel charges may apply outside this area.
Please visit the relevant web pages to find more information about each treatment, or contact Stef directly.

Don’t forget to visit the Therapy Discounts web page to take advantage of any money saving offers!
Discounts are also available for block bookings and for treating more than one animal and / or human at any one time.
Gift vouchers are available on request.

Horse treatments = start from £38.00
Dog treatments = start from £30.00
Human massage and laser treatments = start from £33.00

Equipoise Equine Gait Analysis –
For each assessment the client will receive full video footage on a memory stick and written reports.

High speed video observations and software analysis –
• Hoof balance = start from £65.00
• Hoof balance. Assessing for statistical differences in gait between left and right sides in trot – including stride length / stance phase of stride / limb protraction and retraction angles = start from £120.00
• Encompassing all of the above with the addition of assessing limb joint flexion angles = start from £170.00

Equipoise Rider Balance Analysis – 
Using markers on the rider, together with high speed video and biomechanics analysis software to assess the rider’s position in relation to the saddle and the horse = start from £48.00
Tailored packages are available where markers are placed on the rider and / or the horse to assess the impact the rider and saddle may be having on the horse’s gait.

You will gain an invaluable understanding of how you and your horse are balanced together and can use the session to initiate changes and improvement

As a part of the package, you will receive a detailed report and a memory stick with all your high speed videos and details of some relevant high speed viewing software (Quintic Player) to download and watch your videos.

Equine Gait and Rider Equipoise Analysis sessions can be booked at your own yard or arranged at another yard of your choice. All that is needed, apart from daylight for filming, is a flat schooling area and an electric point for the laptop.


2010 Equine Sports Massage Demonstrations at Milton Therapy Clinic Cambridgeshire2010 Demonstrations

Dancer and Jo Equine Gait Analysis by Your4Legs Leicestershire Gait Analysis update 2011

Kirsty Loveday receives Low Level Laser Therapy from Your4Legs in NottinghamshireSponsorship Dressage 2012